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search_path Parameter6.4.7 search_path Parameter
Secondary server3.3.4.2 delay Option
sel, FSinfo mount option8.6.5 mount Option
Selecting specific log messages4.13 -x opts
Selector; arch3.3.3.1 arch Selector Variable
Selector; autodir3.3.3.2 autodir Selector Variable
Selector; byte3.3.3.3 byte Selector Variable
Selector; cluster3.3.3.4 cluster Selector Variable
Selector; domain3.3.3.5 domain Selector Variable
Selector; exists3.3.3.22 exists Selector Function
Selector; false3.3.3.23 false Selector Function
Selector; full_os3.3.3.12 full_os Selector Variable
Selector; gid3.3.3.21 gid Selector Variable
Selector; host3.3.3.7 host Selector Variable
Selector; hostd3.3.3.8 hostd Selector Variable
Selector; in_network3.3.3.26 in_network Selector Function
Selector; karch3.3.3.9 karch Selector Variable
Selector; key3.3.3.14 key Selector Variable
Selector; map3.3.3.15 map Selector Variable
Selector; netgrp3.3.3.24 netgrp Selector Function
Selector; netgrpd3.3.3.25 netgrpd Selector Function
Selector; netnumber3.3.3.16 netnumber Selector Variable
Selector; network3.3.3.17 network Selector Variable
Selector; os3.3.3.10 os Selector Variable
Selector; osver3.3.3.11 osver Selector Variable
Selector; path3.3.3.18 path Selector Variable
Selector; true3.3.3.27 true Selector Function
Selector; uid3.3.3.20 uid Selector Variable
Selector; vendor3.3.3.13 vendor Selector Variable
Selector; wire3.3.3.19 wire Selector Variable
Selector; xhost3.3.3.28 xhost Selector Function
Selectors3.3.3 Selectors
selectors on default11.7 `/defaults' with selectors
selectors_in_defaults Parameter6.4.8 selectors_in_defaults Parameter
Server crashes1.8 Keep-alives
Setting a delay on a mount location3.3.4.2 delay Option
Setting additional options on a mount location3.3.4.1 addopts Option
Setting Amd's RPC parameters4.10 -t timeout.retransmit
Setting debug flags4.17 -D opts
Setting default map parameters3.3.1 Map Defaults
Setting map cache parameters5.18 Automount Filesystem (`auto')
Setting map options3.3.4 Map Options
Setting system mount options3.3.4.4 opts Option
Setting system mount options for non-local networks3.3.4.5 remopts Option
Setting the Amd log file via Amq7.4.5 Amq -l option
Setting the cluster name4.16 -C cluster-name
Setting the default mount directory4.1 -a directory
Setting the filesystem type option3.3.4.7 type Option
Setting the interval before a filesystem times out4.2 -c cache-interval
Setting the interval between unmount attempts4.12 -w wait-timeout
Setting the Kernel architecture4.4 -k kernel-architecture
Setting the local domain name4.3 -d domain
Setting the local mount point3.3.4.3 fs Option
Setting the log file4.5 -l log-option
Setting the NIS (YP) domain name4.14 -y NIS-domain
Setting the operating system architecture4.15 -A architecture
Setting the Operating System name4.20 -O op-sys-name
Setting the Operating System version4.7 -o op-sys-ver
Setting the sublink option3.3.4.6 sublink Option
shared libraries2. Supported Platforms
Shared Memory and Swap Filesystem5.12 Shared Memory+Swap Filesystem (`tmpfs')
Sharing a fileserver between architectures11.3 Architecture Sharing
show_statfs_entries Parameter6.5.50 show_statfs_entries Parameter
SIGHUP signal5.18 Automount Filesystem (`auto')
SIGINT signal7.2 Stopping Amd
SIGTERM signal7.2 Stopping Amd
Single-Host Mail Spool Directory9.2.1 Single-Host Mail Spool Directory
Source code distributionSource Distribution
Starting Amd7.1 Starting Amd
Statically mounts filesystems, FSinfo8.7 FSinfo static mounts
Statistics7.4.9 Amq -s option
Stopping Amd7.2 Stopping Amd
Stripping the local domain name3.3.2 Variable Expansion
sublink1.2 Filesystems and Volumes
sublink, mount option3.3.4.6 sublink Option
sun_map_syntax Parameter6.4.9 sun_map_syntax Parameter
Supported Platforms2. Supported Platforms
Symbolic link filesystem5.15 Symbolic Link Filesystem (`link')
Symbolic link filesystem II5.16 Symbolic Link Filesystem II (`linkx')
Symlink if target exists, NFS otherwise5.17 NFS-Link Filesystem (`nfsl')
symlink, link filesystem type5.15 Symbolic Link Filesystem (`link')
symlink, linkx filesystem type5.16 Symbolic Link Filesystem II (`linkx')
symlink, nfsl filesystem type5.17 NFS-Link Filesystem (`nfsl')
Synchronizing the map cache5.18 Automount Filesystem (`auto')
syslog4.5 -l log-option
syslog facility; specifying an alternate4.5 -l log-option
syslog priorities4.13 -x opts

tag Parameter6.6.2 tag Parameter
Tags for Amd configuration file4.22 -T tag
TCP6.5.31 nfs_retransmit_counter_tcp Parameter
TCP6.5.35 nfs_retry_interval_tcp Parameter
TCP; using with Amq7.4.10 Amq -T option
tfs, filesystem type5.11 Translucent Filesystem (`tfs')
The mount system call3.3.4.4 opts Option
tmpfs, filesystem type5.12 Shared Memory+Swap Filesystem (`tmpfs')
Top level filesystem5.22 Top-level Filesystem (`toplvl')
toplvl, filesystem type5.22 Top-level Filesystem (`toplvl')
Translucent Filesystem5.11 Translucent Filesystem (`tfs')
true Selector Function3.3.3.27 true Selector Function
true, boolean mount selector3.3.3.27 true Selector Function
truncate_log Parameter6.5.51 truncate_log Parameter
type, mount option3.3.4.7 type Option
Types of configuration map3.1 Map Types
Types of filesystem5. Filesystem Types
Types of mount map3.1 Map Types

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