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UDP6.5.30 nfs_retransmit_counter_udp Parameter
UDP6.5.32 nfs_retransmit_counter_toplvl Parameter
UDP6.5.34 nfs_retry_interval_udp Parameter
UDP6.5.36 nfs_retry_interval_toplvl Parameter
UDP; using with Amq7.4.11 Amq -U option
UFS5.4 Unix Filesystem (`ufs', `xfs', or `efs')
ufs, filesystem type5.4 Unix Filesystem (`ufs', `xfs', or `efs')
uid Selector Variable3.3.3.20 uid Selector Variable
uid, mount selector3.3.3.20 uid Selector Variable
umapfs, filesystem type5.13 User ID Mapping Filesystem (`umapfs')
umount, mount option5.14 Program Filesystem (`program')
Union file maps3.1.7 Union maps
Union filesystem5.20 Union Filesystem (`union')
union, filesystem type5.20 Union Filesystem (`union')
Unix filesystem5.4 Unix Filesystem (`ufs', `xfs', or `efs')
Unix namespace1.4 Volume Binding
unmount attempt backoff interval4.12 -w wait-timeout
unmount, mount option5.14 Program Filesystem (`program')
unmount_on_exit Parameter6.5.52 unmount_on_exit Parameter
Unmounting a filesystem7.4.12 Amq -u option
use_tcpwrappers Parameter6.5.53 use_tcpwrappers Parameter
User filesystems11.1 User Filesystems
User ID Mapping Filesystem5.13 User ID Mapping Filesystem (`umapfs')
User maps, automatic generation3.1.6 Password maps
Using FSinfo8.2 Using FSinfo
Using Hlfsd9.3 Using Hlfsd
Using syslog to log errors4.5 -l log-option
Using the password file as a map3.1.6 Password maps

Variable expansion3.3.2 Variable Expansion
vendor Parameter6.5.54 vendor Parameter
vendor Selector Variable3.3.3.13 vendor Selector Variable
vendor, mount selector3.3.3.13 vendor Selector Variable
verbose, FSinfo command line option8.9.9 -v
Version information4.11 -v
Version information at run-time7.4.13 Amq -v option
volname, FSinfo mount option8.6.5 mount Option
Volume1.2 Filesystems and Volumes
Volume binding1.4 Volume Binding
Volume names1.3 Volume Naming

wait4amd10.17 wait4amd
wait4amd2die10.18 wait4amd2die
Why Deliver Into the Home Directory?9.2.4 Why Deliver Into the Home Directory?
Wildcards in maps3.2 How keys are looked up
wire Selector Variable3.3.3.19 wire Selector Variable
wire, mount selector3.3.3.19 wire Selector Variable
wire-test10.19 wire-test

XFS5.4 Unix Filesystem (`ufs', `xfs', or `efs')
xfs, filesystem type5.4 Unix Filesystem (`ufs', `xfs', or `efs')
xhost Selector Function3.3.3.28 xhost Selector Function
xhost, boolean mount selector3.3.3.28 xhost Selector Function

YP domain name4.14 -y NIS-domain

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