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Getting Additional Information

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Bug Reports

Before reporting a bug, see if it is a known one in the bugs file.

If you find a problem and hopefully you can reproduce it, please describe it in detail and submit a bug report via Bugzilla. Alternatively, you can send your bug report to the "am-utils" list (see http://www.am-utils.org/ under "Mailing Lists") quoting the details of the release and your configuration. These details can be obtained by running the command `amd -v'. It would greatly help if you could provide a reproducible procedure for detecting the bug you are reporting.

Providing working patches is highly encouraged. Every patch incorporated, however small, will get its author an honorable mention in the authors file.

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Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists for people interested in keeping up-to-date with developments.

  1. The users mailing list, `am-utils' is for

    To subscribe, visit http://www.am-utils.org/ under "Mailing Lists." After subscribing, you can post a message to this list. To avoid as much spam as possible, only subscribers to this list may post to it.

    Subscribers of `am-utils' are most helpful if they have the time and resources to test new and development versions of amd, on as many different platforms as possible. They should also be prepared to learn and use the GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool packages, as needed; and of course, become familiar with the complex code in the am-utils package. In other words, subscribers on this list should hopefully be able to contribute meaningfully to the development of amd.

    Note that this `am-utils' list used to be called `amd-dev' before January 1st, 2004. Please use the new name, `am-utils'.

  2. The announcements mailing list, `am-utils-announce' is for announcements only (mostly new releases). To subscribe, visit http://www.am-utils.org/ under "Mailing Lists." This list is read-only: only am-utils developers may post to it.
  3. We distribute nightly CVS snapshots in ftp://ftp.am-utils.org/pub/am-utils/snapshots/daily/. If you like to get email notices of commits to the am-utils CVS repository, subscribe to the CVS logs mailing list, `am-utils-cvs' at http://www.am-utils.org/ under "Mailing Lists."
  4. The older list which was used to user discussions, `amd-workers', is defunct as of January 2004. (Its last address was amd-workers AT majordomo.glue.umd.edu.) Don't use `amd-workers': use the newer, more active `am-utils' list.
  5. For completeness, there's a developers-only closed list called `am-utils-developers' (see http://www.am-utils.org/ under "Mailing Lists").

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Am-utils Book

Erez Zadok wrote a book, titled Linux NFS and Automounter Administration, ISBN 0-7821-2739-8, (Sybex, 2001). The book is full of details and examples that go beyond what this manual has. The book also covers NFS in great detail. Although the book is geared toward Linux users, it is general enough for any Unix administrator and contains specific sections for non-Linux systems.

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