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An automounter maintains a cache of mounted filesystems. Filesystems are mounted on demand when they are first referenced, and unmounted after a period of inactivity.

Amd may be used as a replacement for Sun's automounter. The choice of which filesystem to mount can be controlled dynamically with selectors. Selectors allow decisions of the form "hostname is this," or "architecture is not that." Selectors may be combined arbitrarily. Amd also supports a variety of filesystem types, including NFS, UFS and the novel program filesystem. The combination of selectors and multiple filesystem types allows identical configuration files to be used on all machines thus reducing the administrative overhead.

Amd ensures that it will not hang if a remote server goes down. Moreover, Amd can determine when a remote server has become inaccessible and then mount replacement filesystems as and when they become available.

Amd contains no proprietary source code and has been ported to numerous flavors of Unix.

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